• Schunck*
  • Heerlen
  • NL
  • 2014

Exhibition design for Tussenbeelden: a very specific selection of various artworks from many different times and cultures brought together by artist and curator Paul van der Eerden.

“The exhibition shows objects that were created in the hope and expectation that they would work or function as intermediaries between the human world and the supernatural, between the earthly and the transcendental, and between the creator and the viewer.

Images ‘work’; they have a quality that touches you and, in my case, leads to associations. They can evoke strong positive and negative emotions. Their power lies in their ability to be present, but also in the generous quality of good art, enabling it to function in another context without losing its individuality.

The exhibition is called Tussenbeelden; there, between the images, is where it happens. In the in-between space that is created and the moment of resonance between different images, objects or worlds, time is frozen, as it were, in a ‘decisive moment’. Just as in the emptiness in between two steps or in the holes in a spider’s web, art cannot exist without a space and a moment in which people can associate freely. Without that space there can be no web that links or path that we can follow. Without that moment there is no art.”

Quotations taken from the introduction to the exhibition by Paul van der Eerden, a Web of Associations, published in the catalogue Tussenbeelden (Heerlen, Schunck* 2014).