• Stedelijk Museum Breda
  • Breda
  • NL
  • 2018
  • i.c.w. Gerlinde Schuller (graphic design)
S. Farah, J. C. Doloff, D. G. Anderson and R. Langer, Novel Crystal Synthess and Drug Encapsulation 4

The face of science is continually changing. New areas of research, discoveries and technologies are producing a flow of new images. Sometimes they look like what we already know, but more often they invoke wonder and fascination.

The exhibition True Beauty presents photographs, animations and other visualizations by scientific researchers together with works of science inspired artists. Over 50 scientists and artists from around the world explore as many different visual means to shape and represent an otherwise invisible reality.

At the centre of the exhibition is the spectacular and monumental work of the artist Hubert Leyendeckers. From the 1960’s till now a permanent amazement about reality, from the infinity of the universe to the plants in his garden, deeply resonates through all his drawings, paintings and installations.

The open and modest exhibition design mimics the plain atmosphere of a laboratory. The design focuses on the spatial layout of individual works, generating many different views and associations.

exhibition photography: René de Wit