• Stedelijk Museum Breda
  • Breda
  • NL
  • 2017

The exhibition Wonderlijk Weefsel (Wondrous Fabric) explores the theme of mysticism in digital and religious art. The divinity of eighteenth-century chasubles and relics is mirrored by the power of big data and algorithms. The Baroque style of religious art has been given new form through digital imaging. Wonderlijk Weefsel comprises three exhibition rooms. One room introduces the digital art of several contemporary artists. Each in their own way, they explore the digital world. The room opposite presents religious art as a source of insight and wonder, expressed in the Baroque style of the chasubles and relics, specifically paired with a limited number of contemporary works. In the space in-between an installation by Frederik Heyman literally and figuratively links the two other rooms.

The spatial design for the exhibition starts with the introduction of an open, infinite and slightly irregular grid of lines. Like a spatial fabric the grid smoothly fits to the architectural characteristics of the rooms of the museum. The lines of the grid materialise at their intersections. It generates an open matrix of spaces that mediates between museum rooms and exhibited objects, defining an exact and specific place for each single object within the museum, while offering manifold mutual relations with other objects and spaces.

Strategically positioned mirrors suggest the continuation of the spatial grid and thus of themes and contents of the exhibition, which literally seem to expand beyond the walls of the museum.