• Het Scheepvaartmuseum
  • Amsterdam
  • NL
  • 2018
  • I.c.w. Michaël Snitker (graphic design)

The passenger liner MS Oranje tells a specific story. Considering the many roles and guises it adopted during its lifetime it represents a particular part of history. Built in the late 1930’s to be the most modern, luxurious and fastest motor ship till date it was soon overtaken by World War II and served as a hospital ship. After the war it accommodated countless numbers of people from Indonesia to the Netherlands on their way to a new “home”. The two-part exhibition MS Oranje | Koers gewijzigd presents both the history of the ship and the personal stories of its passengers.

The exhibition design introduces a three-dimensional grid inside the hermetic spaces of the museum. The grid creates a serial, linear space that feels endless, a bit oppressive and liberating at the same time, abstractly simulating the interior and spatial characteristics of a ship, while modestly referring to the work of jan slothouber and william graatsma a.k.a. the cubic construction center (ccc).