• Competition (nominated)
  • Amsterdam
  • NL
  • 2001

An anti-authoritarian design, which conforms to its context, in the broader sense of the word, and reflects the changing of its context in time. A paradoxical design without properties, suitable for any person or occasion, mentally accessible on all levels, anonymous but recognizable at once. A precious jewel and functional device in one, timeless as only a watch can be.

The existing electroluminescent model of the Mondaine Official Swiss Railway watch, the one with the lit dial, forms the basis for Unknown Time. Only the graphics of the dial should possibly be slightly adjusted, because life is too short to worry about minutes.

A silver coated mirrored glass replaces the existing clear glass, creating Unknown Time.

The design literally reflects its context, in the broader sense of the word, and the changing of its context in time. When lit, the dial is revealed, shining through the mirrored glass, showing the accurate time.

Unknown Time is packed in a common air cushioned, silver coated plastic bag, normally used for electrostatic discharge sensitive devices. The watch slightly shines through the packaging, which reflects the precious and technically advanced quality of the product. Besides it just looks like an important exhibit that witnessed the scene of a crime.

7.00 AM (… a beautiful day …)

9.15 AM (… you know Bob …)

11.45 AM (… just checking …)

02.30 PM (… zzzzzzzz …)

05.50 PM (… goin’ too fast …)

00.20 AM (… I’d better go now …)

01.40 AM (… but, eh, honey, who is this guy …)

06.50 AM (… where the (####) am I …)