• J.G. Nelis Projekt Maatschappij
  • Haarlem
  • NL
  • 1994

“(…) The project departs from a radical disconnection of urban and architectural design. (…) Based on the supposition that the spatial quality and appearance of the urban fabric is basically defined by form and structure of collective and open spaces and the materialization of the basal area, urbanism is challenged to take its own responsibility again. (…) An urban design that doesn’t necessarily impose architectural constraints in order to achieve its objectives, but that functions autonomous as a generator of spatial quality (…).”

32_3montage with Nouvel/Nimes
32_4montage with Nouvel/Nimes
32_5montage with Nouvel/Bezons
32_6montage with Nouvel/Bezons
32_7montage with Kollhof/Hasenheid, Berlin
32_8montage with Kollhof/Hasenheid, Berlin
32_9montage with Hejduk/Berlin
32_10montage with Hejduk/Berlin
32_11montage with Herzog & de Meuron/Pilotengasse, Wien
32_12montage with Herzog & de Meuron/Pilotengasse, Wien