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17_19.exit_171227_lrWILL-O’-THE-WISPS, exhibition, Tropenmuseum Amsterdam (NL) 2017
17_18UNTITLED_SPACE_071/072/074, exhibition, Schunck* Heerlen (NL) 2016
17_17EDUCATIONAL COMPLEX, exhibition, Nationaal Onderwijsmuseum Dordrecht (NL) 2015
17_16TWILIGHT ZONE, exhibition, Schunck* Heerlen (NL) 2014 (unsent)
17_15UNTITLED_SPACE_033_(re:), Paris (F) 2013 (in progress & unsent)
17_14INFUSED MODERNISM, regenerated architecture (i.c.w. Bureau Kroner), Haarlem (NL) 2012-..
17_13UNTITLED_SPACE_19, Enkhuizen (NL) 2009-2012
17_12GOLDEN CAGE, exhibition, MMKA Arnhem (NL) 2010
17_11GONE WITH THE WIND, exhibition, Zuiderzeemuseum Enkhuizen (NL) 2009
17_10WHITE LOBBY, exhibition, Zuiderzeemuseum Enhuizen (NL) 2008
17_9COLLECTED EXPERIENCE, exhibition, Zuiderzeemuseum Enhuizen (NL) 2007
17_8SPATIAL INTERFERENCE 04, exhibition, Zuiderzeemuseum Enkhuizen (NL) 2006
17_7UNTITLED_SPACE_05-012, book, Architectura+Naturapress Amsterdam (NL) 2005
17_6RE-MAKE/RE-MODEL, architecture, Heemstede (NL) 2001-2004
17_5SPATIAL INTERFERENCE 02, exhibition, Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam (NL) 2003
17_4UNTITLED SPACE (sketch), architecture, IJssel (NL) 2002
17_3ALLOCATED GROUNDS 03, final Prix de Rome, Westland (NL) 2001
17_2HISTORICAL REFLECTIONS, architecture, Haarlem (NL) 1997-2000
17_1CENTER OF THE WORLD FAMILY EXTENSION, architecture, Amsterdam (NL) 1999